5 Things That Suck About Working From Home

5 Things That Suck About Working From Home

I know that all of you gurus out there want to act like being involved in a home based business is glamorous, stress free and the ultimate dream. I am ashamed that you so called leaders don’t have the stones to be honest, transparent and truthful with people who are interested in breaking free from the timeclock.

Well have no fear because Dominick “The Truth” Zirilli is going to expose the cowards who hide in those giant cubicles they call home.

1st Sucky Thing:

  • My daughter woke me up early (8:30) and asked me to go fishing down the lake. This is bull…..I need my rest. How can I run my organization on only 9 hours sleep. Kids these days don’t realize what it takes to succeed.

I took an hour from my schedule and caught some fish and was ready to put my nose to the grindstone and make money.

2nd Sucky Thing

  • I washed up and into my office I went….Eye Of The Tiger Baby. Wait a minute…what’s that I smell? Bacon, coffee and french toast. My wife made breakfast and I was invited to this event. Now I am really getting behind…I’ve got 3 new leads and I didn’t even get to call them yet.

Alright I’m only going to eat one loaded plate….no time for seconds because businees never stops.

3rd Sucky Thing

  • Wife and kids have gone to the park…Serenity Now….Serenity Now! Door is closed and laptop is powered up. Wow 2 more leads and I haven’t done a thing yet today. No more distractions because the house is empty. I am on a mission and the final destination is earning commission. What’s that noise? Is it Freddy Krueger? I hear scratching and I’m getting scared. I grab the Louisville Slugger and opened the door….Dice, It’s my dog Dice and nature is calling. The prosperity gods are not with me. Off to the back yard we go…of course he has stage fright with the squirrels watching.

4th Sucky Thing

  • I feel like I’ve hit the wall. I’ve used all my energy by generating 9 leads this far, went fishing, participated in breakfast, dog duty (do pun intended). I’m not a machine so I have to take a nap. This is totally killing my productivity…how do the gurus do it? This is tough.

Alarm went off…it’s 3:00pm and kids are in the pool, I’m a little groggy but think I can move on.

5th Sucky Thing

  • Ok….just contacted all my leads and have enrolled 4 of them into my training program. I’ve actually generated 2 more leads and think that I can follow up with them right now. Momentum will carry me through this land mine filled journey. Uh-Oh…I forgot that the baseball game is about ready to start and my Phillies have the best record in baseball. Did I mention that there are chicken cutlets on the menu tonight?

I hope that I have helped clear the misconceptions that surround the home based business world. Every thing has it’s good and bad so think long and hard before you jump into this career path.

(this is not typical of a network marketers day…..last night we had pizza)

If you are interested in this type of lifestyle, you want to be interupted by the kids, dinner and naps then you should at the very least look at the training I offer by clicking the link below. If You enjoy my mlm blog, leave comments and questions as well.

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  1. Your post 5 Things That Suck About Working From Home was very insightful Dominick. I love content that has real value. I would love for you to join my prosperyourmind tribe, if I haven’t already. There will be some great information to assist you in your personal development. Take care, Michael

  2. Eric Goldman says:

    Hi Dominick,
    Great post, love the way it attracts people by it’s unique sucky way!
    All the best,

  3. LOL! Too funny! You definitely have it rough Dom! Very entertaining and interesting post! Love how you personalize and bring out your uniqueness to share with others the benefits of working from home! It’s really a no-brainer! You ROCK!

  4. Dominick,

    This is wicked funny. Working from home does present some challenges, but they are much better than taking orders from a boss.

    You really made me laugh with this one. Thanks for sharing.


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