If You Work Backwards You Will Move Forward

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If I Can See It I Can Be It

I want to talk real quick about how you go about your daily business. In life we are told to take one step at a time put one foot in front of the other but even as an infant we are programmed to look ahead at our  final destination. The teacher tells you don’t look ahead, your books are laid out to be followed chapter by chapter but you will most likely take a peak.

When you own a business you have to know what your goals are, there has to be an ending in your mind before you ever start the journey. This is a clearly defined objective in Napoleon Hill’s writings, having a positive vibe is huge but the reinforcement of it by visualizing yourself crossing the finish line long before the race ever starts is huge.

Saying that you want to be rich, successful, well spoken or whatever you dream to be is not enough. Mr. Hill says it must be written…exactly where you want to be and what you are going to sacrifice to accomplish it. You have to everyday visualize yourself  as that transformed entity, and push out any thoughts of falling short of that goal.

Brian Tracy wrote in his book Speak To Win that you not only have to imagine yourself delivering a speech but you have to visualize a standing ovation from the successful close of your verbal masterpiece. This is all before you ever step foot on the stage, you have gone over this success so many times in your mind that the brain will not allow you to have any other result except for the one you desire.

If you want success in anything you do, try adopting these techniques and only allow the positive, game winning results permeate your brain. Work backwards from your destination, if you feel the sand between your toes you will work so much harder to get back to that island. You can not miss what you never had and if you mentally experience the pleasure your physical being will become so jealous that it to must also experience it.

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