can you work your home business part time

Can you work your home business part time ?

I get asked by people all the time “How can I possibly ever get started in home business when I barely have any time outside of my 8-6 job” Notice how I didn’t say 9-5…. there were very few people in my world that only work 8 hours a day.

The main reason I feel that I come from a place of knowledge on this subject is because I still have a full time chef job and never left what I loved doing (cooking) in order to have home business success. I will preface the rest of this post by saying….I have, I still do and I will continue to work very hard on my home business.


Part Time Home Business Disadvantages :

  • It can take longer
  • You have less time to contribute to your learning and growing
  • Fatigue … it’s hard to give a good ole college try smelling like fried food and crisco
  • Significant others raised eyebrows (If you were studying for the BAR exam it would be a lot easier to explain than positioning yourself to be the top earner in juice company)
  • Are you really all in?

Part Time Home Business Advantages :

  • You already have a pay check coming in
  • You already have (if you so choose) a daily warm market — your co-workers
  • Motivation — If you want out of that job bad enough, you’ll get it done.

Plan of Action

In both scenarios you will need to work consistently, diligently and with integrity. If you use some of the income from your traditional job you can help fund some of your efforts …. you can subsidize some of your time with paid traffic and systems.

If you are not working a full time job, you have no excuse to not put in the required time and effort to succeed. You still would like to minimize the time and effort….work smarter and not harder right?

The best plan of action is to have a plan of action. Systems, tools and a little bit of good ole you can go a long way. If you want to plug into the same system that taught me how to be successful in my home business part time…click the link below.

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