Growing Kids or Growing A Network Marketing Down Line?

The key to making money in Network Marketing is growing your team. The only way to make money is to sell, sell, sell. Being yourself, providing value, paying it forward, helping others and all of the things that help you create positive energy and vibrations eventually lead to a transfer of funds. It does not matter what product, service or gifting opportunity you have there will eventually be a time when money is exchanged.

A Home Based business is driven by building your team and teaching them how to duplicate your efforts. I was asked if I see the parallel between raising children and building your network marketing down line and my response to that is absolutely. I always follow that up by pointing out that I have seen bad examples of  parenting and network marketing. This same person asked me what was more difficult to do, raise my 3 kids or lead a growing down line?

Answer, they both can be challenging…if you let them. When my first child was born, I felt powerful and obligated to do everything for her. I unfortunately did not know that I was supposed to let her gradually take control of some of her daily routines, this is why my wife would shake her head at me when I had an 8 year old asking to be carried around the zoo because “Daddy Always Carries Me”. I learned a little bit with each additional child and the parenting got easier because I can carry one or two but I couldn’t carry three of them.

My network marketing career started off the same way; I would recruit somebody and help them recruit their first two like I was told. I thought that I could build it faster by building it for them and it was true in the beginning but as I tried to do this for everybody, I realized that my first two could not succeed on their own and they would quit. I would go through this cycle a few times and realized that my team was just turning over and not really growing and I was not enjoying this career like I had when I first started.

Even worse I let the people who quit down and they will probably never try their hand at becoming a home-bizpreneur again. They felt that this business model does not work and probably will spread that message to others, possibly souring future recruits. If I would have helped them by learning to develop their skills instead of trying to carry them I might have seen success much earlier but more importantly felt the fulfillment of helping them succeed. This is where the positive energy and paying it forward comes back into play. Once again, I could carry one or two of my teammates but I eventually grew weary from their weight.

If you teach and reward those who put forth the effort, you will build a team of successful network marketers who can rapidly attain the success that they deserve. If you allow your kids to grow and accomplish things with your guidance, they will also rapidly achieve success. If you want me to show you the way to succeed, the systems to duplicate and the training that will empower you to become successfully independent then leave your information to the right.

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  1. Such a great post Dominick and a very powerful lesson learned. All these challenges both in parenting and building a team only make us stronger.Love the correlation between the two! You’re so right about the critical part of supporting others who are putting forth the effort and teaching others to duplicate. Thanks so much for sharing your story! You Rock!

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