A Network Marketing Company By Any Other Name

www.mlmchef.netWhat Is An MLM?
An MLM also known as Multi-Level Marketing, Network Marketing and sometimes Referral Marketing is a marketing strategy where a person or group of people are compensated not only for the sales they generate but also for the sales of the people they recruit (their down line).
Are MLM And Network Marketing Opportunities Illegal or Immoral?
Absolutely not….well not the legit ones but that goes for auto repair shops, doctors, lawyers etc., anything can be turned into an illegal operation if the people running it choose to operate their business that way. Some people will claim that an MLM is a pyramid scheme which carries a negative connotation. In actuality a true Network Marketing organization resembles a pyramid because it is a structured program that has a leader and people underneath that leader. This is the most common organizational structure in the business, government and even sports world. As with any business opportunity or product it is advised to investigate the situation thoroughly and work with reputable people and companies. Hey I actually looked into the candidates I voted for this past election too.
Can You Be Successful In Network Marketing?
I believe anybody can be successful in anything they want to do but that is the mentality of any winner. Hard work is key but you don’t work harder than you have to, duplicate systems that are proven to be successful, always seek out new resources, and surround yourself with success…that is how I became an Executive Chef with only having a few years of culinary training, I jumped over other people because I stayed focused. If people tell you that you will make a profit tomorrow, I would be skeptical but maybe they have. The more realistic approach is that you will have to establish yourself in your market but also follow and associate yourself with people who are already established. This field did not add to my tattoo of burns or riddle my hands with Band Aids like the restaurant industry has but it did challenge me to be just as creative and inquisitive to find and develop systems to accomplish my goals. Network Marketing has evolved from the “whisper down the lane” tactics that were used 15 years ago and now employs the internet, print and viral advertising to help spread the message but a successful MLM is still based on relationship building and personal interaction. The computer age just gives you a tool to get that message out to a bigger audience; it’s what you do once these people reach out to you that are the key. People do business with people they like, trust and respect…bottom line they can get products they like from a ton of different sources. Establish yourself as an expert, a resource and a value first provider and you will be successful.

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