Visalus Review


What is Visalus?

Visalus is a nutrition company that is part of the MLM or direct selling industry and offers independent distributors an opportunity to earn money for promoting their product. Visalus was started in 2005 and joined forces with Blythe in 2008 which currently owns a controlling 57.5% of the company.

They offer protein, weight loss and nutrition supplements as well as energy products. They have a 90 day fitness challenge called Body By VI which is an integral part in Visalus promotion. They have had great success with this program.

Does Visalus Scam People From Making Money?

A  scam would mean that the company makes promises about future earning potential or guarantees results. This is not the case, as with all nutrition companies the FDA does not regulate this industry and all legitimate companies will state that there is no guarantee about results.

They do not guarantee income results but they do promote the compensation plans and ability to generate income very confidently. They have a couple different levels for distributors to buy in at each with varying benefits to earn bonuses.

Visalus Bimmer Club and More

Visalus now gives away a BMW, this is not uncommon for MLM companies to do but most offer this on the highest levels of achievement. It is a much easier attainable car program which again can help distributors look like stars and grow their business by having a company paid for BMW. More than 3,000 people have qualified for this car to date.

So Is Visalus A Scam?

The success stories in the weight loss contests, the free car qualifiers and the distributors that have achieved financial independence would indicate that Visalus is not a scam.

Visalus Success

The success of the program is dependent on the MLM Training and ability to follow a duplicable system. If you would like to learn more about Visalus visit my mlm blog for the latest information.

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