Filling A Want Or A Need?

I was very fortunate in 2010 to find network marketing and be able to have access to a lifestyle road map that allowed me to create my own path to success. I look back and the greatest thing is that I was able to enter this industry on my own terms, learn and progress at my own pace and transition into this career. I know that this story is not the same for everybody, there are people who started a home based business as their last option and were able to turn what could have been another statistic of our economy into a feel good story and glimmer of hope for others to emulate.

I wonder if network marketing filled more wants or more needs in 2010? I hope that I can help more people in 2011 realize that the American Dream is still alive, that you can provide for your family and secure their future even if the newspapers, internet headlines and unemployment rates tell us otherwise. I hope that the transfer of wealth is spread out among more people and the feeling of community and helping each other (which is at the very core of true network marketing) will provide more people with the ability to get themselves a few steps closer to where they envision themselves.

I am thankful for the people who have helped me along, who have encouraged me in this business and who have extended their hand in network marketing “friendship” and you can be sure that I will continue to duplicate it. This is more powerful than any down line and worth more than any 27th Level, Executive, 8 Star,  Power Ball Bonus. Take care of others and you will be taken care of….just keep focused on that and we will all see each other at the top.

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  1. Janet Garcia says:

    I think the most important part of building a successful business is building relationships lik you said.

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