Is Unemployment Picking On Our Kids

Unemployment Attacks The Young and Old

Unemployment I ~ Guess It Doesn’t Pay To Be Young Or Old

Unemployment new reared it’s ugly head again on the internet, I know it never really left the news but what I read today was very startling. I saw two different reports, both posted on the same day, talking about opposite ends of the age spectrum but they both had the same message, unemployment.

The first article was about former UK Prime Minister, Gordon Brown asking for President Barack Obama to be proactive against a youthful unemployment epidemic that could possibly be headed our way. The focus was on the segment of poulation that is under 25 years old and not just in the united states of america, we are looking at a staggering 81 million able bodied, out of work youngsters. The UK would contribute about 1 million of there own civilians to this infamous group.

Unemploymnet rates have been high for a long time and everybody saw the numbers and reports but to read that it effects our young and vibrant future leaders is downright frightening. If people are brought up in a society where they have to depend on the government to support them, I can only imagine that this would not be good for their self esteem or developing the physical and social skills that would be necessary to be productive adults.

It took me a few minutes to absorb this message and as I rolled my eyes less than 2 inches down my computer monitor I saw another story and this one may have been more disturbing. This particular story stated that people over the age of 61 that became unemployed were less than half as likely to find work as opposed to somebody between the ages of 25-34.

I Guess Unemployment Doesn’t Discriminate

This means that the same people who have built a lot of what we enjoy today in our modern world will be squeezed out of the workforce and have nothing to show for it. The golden years will be filled with trying to win the minimum wage lottery, only to discover that somebody half your age has beaten you out. Unemployment does not discriminate but it does seem to linger with the older population and will not show mercy.

Unemployment Robbing Our Golden Years

Unemployment, higher taxes and a soon to be extinct social security system is a perfect storm for economic disaster. I am guy who believes that we control our own destiny and have to take the bull by the horns, unfortunately this news could beat the toughest optimist down. I have been blessed to have had a great chef career and also learned to take control of my financial destiny and promote myself.

You Can Beat The Unemployment System

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