Under Armour Has Over Performed

under armour

Under Armour Had Humble Beginnings

I was at my son’s little league game and I noticed something that piqued my interest just a bit. I knew of the company Under Armour and the success that this company has had with the really cool moisture wicking under garments and the popularity it has attained with athletes young and old.

What I was not aware of is the cult like status that it has with the athletic footwear segment of the market. At his game I saw 75% of the kids wearing under armour cleats as well as 2 of his coaches. I know I’m a little behind the times because I still sing “If I could be like Mike” and swear that “It’s Gotta Be The Shoes” but I really had no clue that the pendulum had swung from the swoosh.

Under Armour As A Home Based Business?

I needed to know how this could have happened and I did a little research (very little cause the internet is so damn convenient) and was inspired by what I learned. This company was a true home based business; it was started in Kevin Plank’s grandmother’s basement along with his partner Jordan Lindgren. These two fellas were football players at The University of Maryland and they were sick of having sweat soaked shirts under their shoulder pads.

They dispelled the dumb-jock stereotype and made the connection that their team issued compression shorts kept their jewels dry so why not have compression shirts? Under Armour was born. This is just like we talk about in network marketing….DUPLICATION. Don’t reinvent the wheel just keep doing what works and separate yourself from the crowd.

Under Armour Has A Funded Proposal

Under Armour got started in 1996 but it wasn’t until a decade later that they decided to get into “protecting the piggies”. They decided to go after a market that was once very popular but had cooled off a little bit, the cult of cross-trainers. The competition had been very fierce for this style of footwear but saw a cycle that shifted back to basketball style sneakers. Under Armour saw a path with little resistance and a way to diversify their brand.

Most network marketers will diversify their portfolio by using affiliate programs, create a funded proposal and generate multiple streams of income. This might not always produce a ridiculous amount of money but you can provide more value to people while growing your list. This will help you continue to plant the seeds for success.

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