When Is it Time To Quit Your Home Business

When Is it Time To Quit Your Home Business

Some tell tale signs you need to quit working from home

This is going to make some people angry and I know I’ll get emails from people calling me a hypocrite because I always preach about how you need to stay in the game long enough to win.

I will start off by saying that my position hasn’t changed. The more success I have in this business and the more people I talk to in this industry I realize that there is two thing that needs to be present. It’s not results, profits, leads, signups, Alexa ranking or probably not even the next 10 things you will think of.



It’s the following:

  1. Growth : I’m not talking about bank accounts, waist size or lists. I’m talking about how you personally grow in knowledge, skills and experiences. This is not measured necessarily by your results. Growth can be from good or bad things that have happened to you in your business and everyday life experiences.
  2. Value : What do you think of when I say value? If it is dollar signs or what somebody can do for you….you should reevaluate your goals and what you are doing here. When I talk value….it is always about what I can contribute to my current or future situation. You are the one in control of what happens and more importantly you need to help others get to where they need to be.

When I started providing value, that is when  I realized that I had grown. When I first started I wasn’t making a dime but I was growing and learning. It was just like being in school, I wasn’t getting paid but I knew that I was developing some important skills for my future.

It wasn’t until I started providing value through my mlm blog, introduced people to my internet marketing training and conducted my own trainings that I started to see success. Now I am able to teach, learn, recruit and duplicate regardless of what I’m involved with.

Start focusing on what you bring instead of what you get and don’t get caught up in economic only results. Would you rather have temporary dollars or permanent results….it’s up to you. Or maybe you should just quit?

I told you that you might no like what I have to say but the great thing is that you have the power to change your direction, mindset and results TODAY! 🙂

Have Your Best Day Ever,



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