Are You Threatened By The Walmart Greeter?

I probably shop at Walmart more than I care to admit and I used to actually be anti-superstore. I felt that the demise of all my favorite stores that I frequented as a kid were attributed to these behemoths but I learned  quickly that this is the way of the world. I feel a lot less guilt when I realize how many people earn a paycheck here.

I’m always intrigued by the person who is the greeter at this place. What an interesting concept, pay somebody to say hi and bye.It’s usually an older person and to me it seems like they generally enjoy what they do. I don’t think they went to college for this position but most likely the good ones have years of experience as…. relationship builders.


The guy I saw today had access to hundreds of prospects today but he wasn’t selling anything. He was just introducing people to his primary business…Walmart. People were happily handing over their cash, this guy wasn’t telling them they would get rich quick or to join my business. All he said was hello, come on in and take a look. The principle that all great network marketing businesses are built on.

The Network Marketing industry could learn a thing or two from Sal the Walmart guy. The spammers and amateurs should probably fear him, he might be the next superstar in another company’s down-line. If you are serious about your business make sure you are building relationships, if you want access to the system that the top Internet marketers use to build relationships just leave your information to the right.

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2 Responses to Are You Threatened By The Walmart Greeter?

  1. That’s so wonderful that this lovely gentleman inspired you Dominick. It’s funny how many circumstances, people or things we can correlate back to network marketing. Excellent advice on just connecting and looking at the the long term, as opposed to pitching for short term, get rich quick purposes, which is all hype anyway. Excellent post! Keep Rockin’!

  2. Dominick says:

    Thanks guys, I think the reason everything reminds us of network marketing is because it revolves around people and unless you are in solitary confinement for a heinous crime….you will be around people. The human element is the common denominator and we all play a part in it. Thanks for the encouragement it’s always great to hear from people you respect.


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