The Social Networking Academy

The Social Networking Academy

The Social Networking Academy is an online social media training site that is run by the lovely Jo Barnes. There are many training training programs out there that deal with SEO and generating traffic but they often fall short when it comes to social media.


There are hundreds of hours of tutorial videos, pdf and audio. One of the greatest features they have right now are these brand new Facebook fan page templates that you can customize completely and they are allowing you to utilize them on your sites as well as to develop on other sites. How powerful…you can get paid to make pages for clients.

Jo Barnes and The Social Networking Academy make learning how to grow your business fun. She even gave away her own personal family vehicle in a contest recently, it is this outside the box mentality that makes her so successful.

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  1. Fred says:

    Thank you for the information Dominick. I will look into that training. Thanks again

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