TeamViewer Review

It can be difficult enough to earn somebody’s trust in person let alone over the internet. I have done a review of a free tool that will personalize your online efforts and help you train your team as well. is a free, web based platform that allows you to share your screen with anybody you choose. It is private and easy to use giving you a new meeting ID with every use.

Here are a few cool features:

  • Start instant meetings or schedule ahead of time
  • Record your presentation to edit and show at a later date
  • Allow or Disallow chat features
  • Call in number for phone access
  • Whiteboard feature to share brainstorming ideas
  • Choose what windows to share

……Plus a whole lot more

Watch it in action below



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2 Responses to TeamViewer Review

  1. Thanks for the great review! I’ve been looking into different platforms for online meetings and I really appreciate the way you demo’d this one. At times it’s hard to believe how inexpensive modern technology has made some of our basic functions in mlm. Cheers!

    • Dominick says:

      You’re welcome Fequire …. some of the features on these free platforms rival many paid versions. They often give you the ability to have more participants but of course with some advertisements built in to them.

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