System Duplication and Personality Separation

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Can You Duplicate And Separate?

“Often Imitated but Never Duplicated”

I remember hearing that slogan for a national company when I was younger but can’t remember what brand it belonged to. I have searched Google far and wide, there is no trademark on it but it has always stuck with me. I remember as the chef of some wonderful restaurants, I would make sure that I stood out from the crowd. My goal was to create dishes that people would not be able to duplicate at home, which in turn created a need for Chef Dominick.

I’ve Done a 180

When I entered the Network Marketing arena, I tried applying that same mentality. Hold what I’ve learned close to my vest. Don’t give the secret ingredient to the recipe for success to anybody. You’ve gotta pay to play. You can imagine what that did to my recruiting and a retention rate….I was failing miserably. When I started to follow the real leaders in this industry, I started to see results. They were giving valuable information away, teaching others how they made a change in their business and helping those that struggled.

If You’re Not Duplicating You’re Not Trying

Duplication is the powerful, you will duplicate those that have success and more importantly your team will duplicate what you do. The days of holding back you’re keys to success are in the past. Your systems will be based on duplication and your personality will be about separation. Make the systems easy to follow and attract people by being real, be yourself and helping others. If you just use systems, replicated websites and don’t connect with people, you will blend in. That’s good if you’re a chameleon hiding from a predator but not if you are an entrepreneur building an empire.

Leave your name and email to the right if you are interested in learning how system duplication can help you and for tips on how to use personality separation in your home business. If you know what national company used the slogan “often imitated but never duplicated” please leave answer below. Show of your knowledge and share your stories.


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2 Responses to System Duplication and Personality Separation

  1. Hi Dominick,

    Duplicate and separate. Catchy and accurate.

    I hear you on the failure. I made things difficult for others to top in the beginning, thinking this would benefit me. Sure, it did, but it didn’t benefit my team members or prospects.

    Create a system that others can use to become successful. Make sure it’s proven and simple to follow on a consistent basis.

    Separate yourself by providing value-packed content and making strong connections with your own personalized style. We each have many gifts that, if developed, bring us immense fortunes.

    Some create content with ease, some connect with ease, and some are damn good at both. Become proficient in at least one area and you will prosper in this game.

    Thanks Dominick!


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