Sustainable Networking

MLM Athlete

Network Marketing Sprint Or Marathon?

Sustainable Network Marketing is about the long term “marathon” if you are not training properly you might not make it to the finish line. You must practice sustainable marketing practices daily and repetition is the key, you need to program yourself to grow your business and your network. Implementing ethical network marketing practices will ensure that you have a strong foundation that will stay strong throughout all economic climates. The quick buck that might jeopardize your reputation and have your team wondering why they are following you is the worst thing that can happen.

Follow The Leader Not The Product

In the last paragraph I said your team needs to know why they are following you and it was not a mistake…you are recruiting team members to follow you and what you can offer them not the product you are promoting. Get your head wrapped around that fact and you will start to make money…when your team believes in your leadership they will also believe you are associated with the right product and organizations. They will follow your lead and utilize the training and guidance that you are providing them (if you aren’t helping them succeed you are helping them fail), I am the leader of my team and I join other leaders to position us to succeed and everybody on my team has to follow that path.

Chasing Prospects

Don’t Chase Prospects. If you use the systems that your leader provides for you, they will come to you (they aren’t chasing me because I’m not running from them…just waiting for them to ask for guidance). When you chase prospects or the “Tire Kickers” as you’ll hear them called you take your eye off the ball which is your team, your business and your future. Is one prospect worth that to you, it’s not for me. If there is a prospect or somebody on your team who asks for help but then does not follow through you can not derail your plan and team to chase them down. You can only help those people who deserve the help not just the ones who want the help, if people put in the effort they are worthy of your help. When you chase the prospects and neglect your team, the team will get uneasy and question your leadership.

Flex Your Network Marketing Muscles

Take a look in the mirror, do you like what you see? I’m not talking about you biceps and triceps, I’m talking about your MLM game plan and the structure of your team. If you are targeting Facebook, twitter, video blogs or anything else just do it consistently and encourage your team to follow suit. If somebody chose to follow you, chances are they want to follow your routine so develop a Marketing Workout and be their trainer, push them to the limit so you position you and your organization as the best of the best.

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