Why Sustainable Network Marketing?


Take The Money and Run

Take The Money And Run

I’ve had a lot of people ask me why I’m focused on sustainable network marketing and what exactly is it. The first part is a little more complex then just saying because. If you have a business that ultimately has no ceiling, you can “own” as many opportunities as you want and for all intents and purposes has no real rules, why not just get really rich and just worry about your own financial gain?

That theory doesn’t work for many reasons and the first being that the best network marketers are the ones who not just sign people up but can recognize the ones who have similar traits “genetic marketing” and show them how to duplicate the successes they have achieved. This is one of the most critical sustainable marketing principles because it benefits the team and the company who produces the opportunity, a win/win situation. This keeps sales strong which will make the company thrive and your team rich….success breeds success.

Reputation is Everything

Anybody who has ever worked in this business or even discussed it with somebody surely has heard that it is a scam, a pyramid scheme or outright stealing. We already battle the stigma of some really bad business practices in the past and add in the fact that about 97% of the people who get into this business fail, it’s already hard enough to bring legitimacy to our industry. The computer age has made it possible for a person to almost instantly create or destroy their reputation and I have always been somebody who valued my credibility and even more so now that I am an independent businessman, if you do somebody wrong they can ruin you instantly.

A Rich Past With An Even Brighter Future

The history of direct selling goes back to the early 1900’s, remember the encyclopedia salesman, funeral plots, Kirby vacuums and of course Amway. Amway was one of the first company’s to bring network marketing and direct selling to the mainstream  and it is one of the biggest companies in America today. I have never worked for them but I have a lot of respect for the company, they fought for many years against people who accused them of being a pyramid scheme and in 1979 the Supreme Court officially stated they were not. To this day people still mock the company but  they grossed almost 9 billion dollars last year…make fun of me all you want if I’m making that kind of money.

Taking Care Of Our Own

I do not join every opportunity I come across but I will utilize a product through a direct selling company if it fits a need for me and is priced accordingly. This is a key to sustainability…that is why I originally got involved in network marketing, I found a great nutrition supplement company and I still use them today. If you want a chance to make a career in this industry and even include your loved ones so they can improve their quality of life you should adopt some of these practices into your own business.

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