What Is Your Super Bowl?

Are You an Entrepreneur Champion?

Here is a short video that compares your business whether it be online or offline to the Super Bowl.  I hope you enjoy it and look forward to your comments below. My blog is focused on helping others find the same success that I have been fortunate enough to attain.

Home Business Super Bowl

Did you reach your goals in business? Only 1 team could bring home the trophy but in your business it is about setting goals and hitting them. You don’t need to be the #1 income earner to succeed (but would be nice). If you are going to win your personal Super Bowl, you need to have defined objectives and a plan to get there.

NFL owners won’t admit it but they have other goals besides the Vince Lombardi Trophy, they have revenue, attendance, PR and many other milestones to hit and they all revolve around making money.

You might have wanted to enroll 5 people this month but also help 5 people enroll their first person. You might have wanted to sell a certain number of affiliate products but these are all revenue driven.

If you didn’t hit all your goals, get motivated and either create a new game plan or make sure that you are putting forth the required effort from your original game plane.

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