Do You Run Your Business Like Santa?

Tis The Season

I first wanted to wish everybody a Happy Holiday season. The Zirilli family celebrated Christmas but we have many friends, neighbors and co-workers who partook in other festivities based on their beliefs. Our family wishes yours the best and a prosperous 2012.

The gift giving event that took place on December 25th in our home was a collaborated effort between the North Pole andĀ  New Jersey that took planning, plotting and creativity. It’s important that Santa doesn’t have the same list as we do and vice versa.

The Event Happens Because The Process Is In Place

The people that make this day possible on a yearly basis (St. Nick nor I are rookies) are able to have success because of the years of practice and the adjustments that we make every year to improve the process of sorting and filling the wish list.

I ask for kids lists early, it’s prioritized and the Mrs. and I personally sort through what we feel is appropriate. Once that is done Santa decides how much of the load he is going to carry. I now have a basic game plan for holiday success.

My children see this day as an event but the people making the magic happen understand it is the process that makes this event a success.

Minimize The Anxiety In Your Events

How do you approach your business? Does your sales process consist of downing Benadryl to launch a preemptiveĀ  strike against the reaction you will have to rejection? Do you even have a sales process?

Focus on the action you take and not the outcome of those actions and you will see success. If you want more success, take more action. Have a process in place and continue to expand your actions. The economy is in a recession but Santa produced bigger smiles in our house this year.

Santa planned better and took more action to produce greater results. Plain and simple he just got busy and made it happen.

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2 Responses to Do You Run Your Business Like Santa?

  1. Hi Dominick,

    Plan and work. If you neglect to plan what you do will rarely work. Just a bunch of haphazrd acts leading to failure, that’s the result of a scattershot approach to working your business.

    You and St. Nick have a plan down. A system. It’s been duplicated pretty well around the world, too. Ask for a list. Forward the list. Prepare the tree. Maybe leave cookies and milk out for Santa (we did that up in North Jersey ;), and all goes according to plan.

    Systems. Plans. Frameworks. Gotta have them for Christmas or MLM if you want things to go smoothly.

    Thanks for sharing your insight Dominick. Happy Holidays.


  2. Dominick says:

    Awesome Ryan,

    Everything just is just so much easier with a list….it works for Santa, the grocery store and Hall and Oates (some people might be too young for that reference).

    They say money is in the list but so is productivity and efficiency.

    Would love to hear how the holidays are similar/different in your part of the world. Take Care.


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