3 Phases of Success

Success doesn’t happen overnight. Sports, education, relationships all have progressions that lead to success.

I have cut a short video about 3 familiar phases to being successful, see if you agree and let me know which phase you are in or enjoyed the most in your journey to success.



  • I CAN – Love this one and I get reintroduced to this feeling often.
  • I WILL – affirmations are key here
  • I DO – actions produce results


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One Response to 3 Phases of Success

  1. Chuck Bartok says:

    Good video..nicely done

    ….don’t worry about getting it right. Just get it going!

    I can! A natural human trait, unfortunately to many allow it to be subdued by Society.

    I will The God given ability bestowed on all humans.

    I DO It is who we are and we should proudly unleash our TRUE authentic selves, paying NO attention to what others think.

    If we Believe.
    Nice work, Thanks

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