When Does A Student Become A Teacher

If You’ve Learned Anything Then You Can Be A Teacher


The traditional way we are programmed to learn and enter the work force as a leader is completely opposite of the mindset you need to have as a successful network marketer. We go to school as students, take on apprenticeships as students and start a new job as a student.

It isn’t until we have a certificate, a title or some other man-made recognition¬† that we are considered an authority and able to share our knowledge with others. Who makes these rules up? Did you ever start a new position where you knew more than your so called teacher? Yeah me too.

In network marketing there is no official curriculum to study and you can become a resource for others the minute you learn something new. Even if you are a day more experienced than somebody else you can offer them a tremendous amount of help. Think back to when you first started your new career path and you were stuck on something that now seems so easy.

You are a teacher and student, you should constantly be searching for ways to be more efficient and share that knowledge with your team and other future superstars who can benfit from your wisdom. Come on Mr. Miyagi teach Daniel-San how to be “The Best Around”.


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  1. dlysen says:

    Yes… We have to learn first and share what we are learning. And to become a good teacher you must also become a good student.

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