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The lost art of conversation. If you have ever been approached by somebody in network marketing or have encountered a home business owner on the world wide web, you may have encountered “Sir Pitch-a-Lot“. This is somebody who will punch you in the face with their business and will only ask your name when they are trying to get your credit card information.

Hopefully if you are here it is because you think differently and are a relationship builder. You understand the value of attraction marketing and realizing that people do business with people they like. There are two identical chain coffee shops within 3 miles of my house. One of them is a little closer to my house and has less traffic in the morning but the service is very cold and not friendly. I Choose to go the the one that takes a couple extra minutes to get to but I get that warm fuzzy feeling when I walk through their doors.

I am going to assume that you are not the only distributor for your company and you are offering the same product and price point as all of the other people in your organization. Chances are there is a competitive product out there as well, which again will be competitive and have a similar compensation plan.

So how can you be different? Try being human, add a personal touch and learn about the people you are dealing with. If your goal is to recruit somebody and be a partner with them, think of getting to know them as a low-tech background check. It’s a mutual interview process that you can keep on file even if they aren’t looking to join you at this time….it’s a small world and a no can often mean not now. There is also another byproduct of this relationship building…you meet good people who are motivated and you will often make new friends in this industry.

While you are always looking to grow your business and your team, you have to approach it the right way. Remember that helping people along the way is the key to success and making connections will put you on the right path. If you are interested in learning how I have made the transition in my own business leave your information on the right.

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  1. Ed Yaw says:

    Nice post Dominick,

    It’s becoming harder and harder these days to find people who believe in building that relationship with prospects first. The cool thing about meeting your connections is that you just might make a new friend instead of just a customer.

    Thanks for sharing this.

    Have a Happy Easter

    • Dominick says:

      Thanks Ed…I’m glad we were able to connect on FB. I have met more good character people in this industry over the past year then I have over the past decade in the restaurant industry. There are also some slimy people but the Law of Attraction works the other way too….they tend to hang with their own kind.

      I hope you have a great Easter as well.

  2. You hit the nail on the head Dominick! Being authentic and a real caring human being will set you apart from all the noise and competition out there. Thanks for saying what needed to be said!

    • Dominick says:

      Thanks B or Flea?? You are a perfect example of this mindset…anybody who is not familiar with these two…please check them out. They are a perfect example of a husband and wife living a dream and building something together and I’m not just saying this because we work for the same company. Thanks for the kind words.


  3. Hi Dominick

    Thanks for the article, I just had to unsubscribe from “Sir Pitch-a-Lot“, he sent me 3 – emails a day, over and over again until he forcred me to make a decision, he was obviously after making me take some action, so I did “unsubscribe”. I think everyone should be able to e-mail people on their list but within reason hey.

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