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It’s Ok To Be Sticky

I love network marketing; you get to break lots of rules. As a kid I was always told to not get dirty, wash your hands, don’t touch nothing because your hands are sticky. Sticky…I want my business and my blog to be super-sticky, I want it to be ultra-sticky. I want my mlm blog to have the same characteristics as the “Kick Me” sign that the class clown puts on his prey’s back in grade school.

To be sticky is divine, what that means is that you don’t want your mlm blog to slip through your readers hands. You want them to remember it and share it, in today’s social media world you can provide stickiness and interest quicker than ever before. There are people who want to hear your mlm blog message if it’s good. Be witty, different and get rid of the fluff.

The next thing is to make it easy to share. Use your blog as the venue for your message but social media, article writing, video messages and email signatures to drive people to you. Once they are there make sure they can easily share it because if you look around, there are a lot of lazy people in our world and if they have to click more than once to spread the word you will lose your stickiness.

Use call to action buttons, tweet me, share me, tumbler and networkedblogs buttons are great ways to spread your word. Check out other peoples mlm blog and make meaningful contributions, remember you are an expert so start acting like one or else you will become part of the 97% club.

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  1. Great post Dominick! You’re absolutely correct in offering content that really sticks or resonates with others, full of real value that helps others grow their businesses. You simply can’t have a huge ego in this business. You have to know that if you’re helping others- that will come back to you. The abundance mentality, in a nutshell! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Lyle Kimball says:

    Dominick, you always have such great content; I can only hope to be half as good (which will be plenty good enough).

    Thanks for your words of advice and help!

  3. […] share it with will also learn from it. This follows along with my sustainable network marketing and being sticky […]

  4. Pam Lawhorne says:

    Dominick –

    I call it the good old fashioned “ask”. I ask people to follow me. To read my articles. To friend me. To join my networking page. To comment on my blog. If you don’t ask – sometime people won’t take action. It’s not because they don’t want to. We’re just busy and don’t realize the need or importance!

    Thanks for reminding folks! Oh… and by the way. Have YOU joined my networking page? ;o)

    Pam Lawhorne

  5. Hi Dominick,

    Awesome tips here.

    Make your blog sticky by making it easy for your readers to share it. More readers = more potential stickiness. As far as networking goes, you become as successful as the number of quality connections you make.

    Get out there, comment on other blogs and share your buddies’ content too. They tend to reciprocate and both of you are helping to expand each other’s network.

    Thanks for sharing Dominick!


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