Would Steve Jobs Succeed In Network Marketing

Would Steve Jobs Succeed In Network Marketing?

One could only assume that Steve Jobs would be a success in network marketing but unfortunately his approach to business probably won’t work for a newbie to the industry. Steve Jobs built his career on innovation, forward thinking, systems and vision which all bode well for a network marketing entrepreneur.

Network Marketing The Steve Jobs Way

Steve Jobs even acted a little like a producer in the network marketing arena. He left Apple and built his new organization. He ultimately ended up back with the game changing tech company as the front man for that fruitful company.

As popular and recognized as he was, there was very little known about his personal life. He chose to speak about the company, the vision and what was on the horizon but we knew very little about the man.

Don’t Be A Hide and Seek Marketer

Unless you are a prodigy marketer and you have a following of credit card wielding disciples looking to join your network marketing team, you have to bear your soul. Nobody will know like and trust you if you aren’t willing to reveal you who you are.

A slick picture and some crafty copy just won’t cut it anymore. Exposure isn’t about how many people see you, it’s about how many people believe you, relate to you and are comfortable with you.

If you’re new to the business, sit down and chronicle how you have made it to this point. Why are you here, how low was your low and how did effect those around you? When it starts to hurt you know that you are on the right track.

Now take that story and blast it out there. Share it with your future colleagues, friends and business partners. It could be the biggest selling tool in your arsenal.

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