Stacking The Network Marketing Deck

Be more attractive than your Up-Line

I know a ton of people that are concerned about the possibility of a prospect passing them over to join your upline. It is a known fact that some prospects get enamored with a big name or top earner in your business so here is a simple way to combat that.

Bring the value.

Our industry is based on integrity, if you introduced an opportunity to somebody you should leverage your upline to assist you in the recruiting process. It is often the case that they will give access to the same training, bonuses and resources offered to you.
It is beneficial for you to layer some bonuses of your own that will make your proposition more enticing than even the #1 recruiter in your company. Think of it as a BOGO (Buy One Get One) offer. I shot a quick video explaining how I stack the deck to online success.

stack pebbles

Want to see my bonuses in action?

bonus button

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