Did You Spring Forward or Fall Back

It’s all about moving ahead

In the world of business its all about forward progress. Whether its sales growth, market penetration, number of customers or guest satisfaction….all thriving businesses demand improvement.

If you believe that your business is fine because you haven’t lost any ground since last quarter, year or whatever chronological measure you evaluate yourself in….you are sadly mistaken.

If you didn’t spring forward, you surely have fallen back

Have you ever said “Well at least we didn’t lose any [fill in the blank], so we must be doing OK”?  This is a common thought shortly before you see a downward slide. If you didn’t make progress, I can guarantee that somebody else has….which means you are losing ground.

Don’t wait until Jan 1st to make a resolution to change your business, create better results, improve yourself. Do it now and do it right. It’s never the wrong time to increase your expectations of yourself, your team and your results. If you’re not doing it, you can be sure that there is somebody else who is.

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