Social Media Marketing Trio

The Three Sons of Social Media Marketing

LinkedIn is often considered the mature older brother of social media marketing, Facebook as the well rounded middle-child and MySpace is the black sheep misfit. On the outside it would be easy to typecast these networking entities you could find a few similarities and uses if you look a little deeper.

I’m going to break down the basic benefits of each of these entities and how you can apply them in your home based business. This subject could fill pages and pages but a simple grasp of the basic features can be the difference between obscurity and lead generation machine.

LinkedIn Is It Even Social Media Marketing?

This social media marketing sibling launched in May of 2003 and now boasts more than 120 million users in over 200 countries or territories around the world. If you are in a local brick and mortar business that might not be beneficial but if you can have people on your team around the globe than this is powerful.

LinkedIn supports groups in their  platform which numbers close to 900,000 and the majority of them being focused on employment. People are looking for money making opportunities here and want business relationships so act like a professional.

Facebook The Social Media Marketing Chameleon

Everybody is on Facebook. Moms, dads, grandparents, teachers, doctors and anybody else who knows how to turn on a computer. This is the place to be for socializing but it also has the ability to target a specific market that you are interested in focusing on.

It’s been around since February of 2004 and is close to 900,000 users strong. I know that the middle school kids talking smack online aren’t of use to your business but you can sift through the Bieber fans and find associate with people who you want to be “friends” with.

A very important thing to remember is that the majority of people come to Facebook to relax and have fun; if you are looking to pitch people all day long then you will not succeed. Build relationships and get people interested in you, create mystery and find out where the entrepreneurs are.

MySpace is Dead, Isn’t It?

MySpace was the hangout for underground bands and starving artists. When it launched in August of 2003 it became the social media blueprint for the others. This grunge style social media marketing dinosaur has absolutely declined over the years. Since 2009 their workforce has dropped from 1600 to about 200 people and they have been bought and sold a couple of times (most recently to a partnership that is headed by Justin Timberlake).

I wouldn’t spend endless hours on this site but there are still people there that might be interested in building a relationship that could have long term benefits. Be social, not abrasive  in your social media marketing strategy, this is another way to generate free mlm leads.

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