Seniority Complex

seniority complex


If are involved in a home based business and I hope you are. You probably have encountered many objections when you approach a person to take a look at your opportunity. The positive side is that you are having this conversation with people and you will continue to get better at answering these questions.

I know you have probably heard the obvious ones like is this a pyramid scheme or only the top guys in those things make any money while you do all of the work. I have seen a ton of posts dealing with those objections but I recently heard one that was kind of new to me.

There was a friend of mine who was complaining about his current job, the hours he was working and how he was concerned about how the economy would affect his future. These were all legitimate gripes and since I am a formally trained chef I knew the exact emotions he was dealing with. I had not seen my friend for the past 6 months and after compassionately listening to his story, I decided to share mine. He knew that I was successful chef who worked many hours but he did not know that I had transitioned into a home-biz-preneur.

I explained to him why I decided to venture into network marketing and he totally understood. We had similar reasons, he asked what type of company I was involved in and again he thought it all made sense. It was then that I decided to invite him to look at my opportunity and I would follow up to see what he thought about it…I was very unassuming and not looking for any type of commitment from him. I really wanted to see if a friend could benefit the way I have.

After looking at me, you would have thought that I kicked his dog. He told me how he was at his job for 8 years and had seniority….really seniority? He had 53 guys “under him” (didn’t mention he has 34 above him) and he will be eligible to bid on a day shift position in the next year or so. Wow…day work after only 9 years, that’s awesome but he had just told me that he was worried that the economy could jeopardize his position at his job. I’m not sure that seniority will pay his bills, feed his family (got divorced because his wife could not handle his hours and that he slept during the day) or help him get another job.

I offered him an opportunity to be #1 in seniority in his business, potential to have hundreds of people under him and sleep at night. I explained all of this to him and the most important part was that nobody ever asked him to leave his job. I just wanted to let him see what could be done part-time….I actually believe that your current work place is a great place to prospect. They usually meet the criteria of having people with similar interests…even if it is that everybody hates the hours and wants to be awake while the sun is up.

I am happy to say that it looks like he will be joining my team…and I really don’t care what opportunity he wants to be a part of, I just wanted him to explore his options. If you hear somebody preach about seniority, just realize that you probably will be a senior before you get to reap any of the benefits. Hopefully you will remember this if you ever come up against the seniority complex. Leave your information if you want to be the top dog in your company and work nights only because you want to.

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