Are You Ringing When You Should Be Knocking?

Network Marketing Is Hands On

Did you ever go to somebody’s house an keep pushing the doorbell, getting frustrated that nobody is answering only to find out that it was broken and a simple knock would have gotten you inside? How about wondering why your phone never rang and when your husband comes home he asks “I’ve been trying to call you all day”, yup the old phone off the hook problem. Even if you have the greatest story, the best product and you look like George Clooney you have to be able to get the message to the prospects and more importantly the right prospects.

Did You Zig When You Should Have Zagged?

Do you go on Facebook and just pitch your product? Is twitter just automated tweets with no thought or care put into them….you’ve seen them, am i really impressed that you sent out 300 messages at 140 characters a pop yesterday? Nope…if you did hand type those then how are you growing your team and teaching them to replicate? These are social networks and you have to be social, it’s such a great forum to meet people, build relationships and get connected. If you are self-conscious about your love handles it’s a non-factor, if you have a lisp it doesn’t come through on a screen but if you are a jerk and only care about getting my money into your pocket…that message is loud and clear. If you are subtle and show interest you will get to the business aspect… patience will open the doors that get slammed shut on the other guy.

Asses Your Audience

If you are going to a symphony. leave your Metallica shirt at home. Don’t try and sell candy bars at the weight watcher convention, gravitate towards people who have the same interests and goals. If you can show them a better more successful way, they will follow you or you might learn how to improve your skills as well. It’s OK to be an individual and have your own style but you have to identify and fill a need to prove that you can give value to your prospects.

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