Recession Concessions

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Did You Make Any Recession Concessions?

With many mixed messages on the current state of the economy I always look to see what the next great prediction will be. I read in a business journal that the economy shows signs of growth or at least the American people are starting to spend more money. That sounds great doesn’t it? If we are spending more we must be making more and if we are making more than our problems are solved.

2 for the price of one

Then I read in the next paragraph that small companies are starting to hire part timers instead of full timers and were actually encouraged with the flexibility it provided them if somebody were to call in sick. It also stated that small businesses would probably stay in caution-mode until they hit a 50% increase in revenue, which is not in the immediate economic outlook.

Who Negotiated This Deal For Me?

This is a scary trend and I think everybody knows that once an employer takes something away, it is very difficult for the employee to gain it back. It was a recession based concession, one that was not agreed upon at the bargaining table. We have gone to high unemployment to higher underemployment, people technically having jobs but not really covering the bills or utilizing the training and skills they have acquired through the years.

I’ll Handle My Future From Here…Thanks

I didn’t wait for an analyst to tell me that tomorrow will be better or the collapse of the economy is imminent next week, I just knew that I had to control my own outcome…and income. I found network marketing (actually it found me) and I realized that this is what I needed to help me reach my personal freedom and more importantly give me the tools to help those in my circle of friends/family. I have put the plan in place for my success, not get rich quick but get steady results with a sustainable income system that works no matter what the state of the economy is. If you are interested in learning how I got started in network marketing and the free training that you can utilize as well just click the subscribe now button below.

2 Responses to Recession Concessions

  1. Very interesting post Dominick! Thank you for sharing and for reaffirming that we made the right decision in taking control of our outcome and income(not that we really needed it-lol!). Others need to realize this is truly the way to go if they want to make it in this economy. It’s not get rich quick, it’s get filthy rich over a period of years. We’re in it for the long term residual income and stability that only we can create ourselves along with our awesome team and phenomenal leadership. Keep spreading the truth to the masses, great job!

  2. Tanisha says:

    Hi. Dominick. This is waht people need to hear. If your controlling your outcome you have to control your income. This awseome glad I have connected with you. Keep rocking.

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