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Who Is Ray Higdon?

Ray Higdon is a lifelong entrepreneur who was born in Indiana, he was a network marketer even at the age of 12 when he realized the power of filling a need. A young Ray Higdon would purchase Airhead candies and mark them up for resale to his classmates, he would even give away a freebie which is a standard practice in successful network marketing practices today…give away value.

Ray Higdon Saw The Light

When Ray Higdon was 18 he worked multiple jobs and saw that he did not want to follow the path of his supervisors. They felt that staying with their current position was what they had to do just because it was all they could do. Ray Higdon knew that he could do better. He would never be stuck in a JOB because he had to, he wanted to be in control of his life

Ray Higdon Doing The Corporate Circuit

Ray was very successful in everything he did, he was in corporate America and even had a pretty secure job in a local government position. He was ambitious and was able to thrive in his role but Ray Higdon once again saw that this job would not satisfy his urge to grow and more importantly do what he wants to do, not what his boss tells him to do.

One Step Closer To Financial Freedom

Ray Higdon started his own real estate investment company in Florida when the market was booming. He became a master at buying and flipping properties with little or no investment, credit or risk involved. He was asked to speak all over the country because of his accomplishments and was making a great income.

The Economic Times Change

When the housing market crashed it wiped out so much of the value that Ray Higdon had built up. He was on the verge of bankruptcy but even with only $300 to his name he knew that it would only be temporary. The one thing he would not do is go back to a JOB, he kept his entrepreneurial spirit alive.

Ray Higdon and Network Marketing

Ray went through numerous network marketing ventures and failed at some of them until he learned to use the proper tools and mindset to succeed. He joined Numis Network and is currently the top income earner and an elite trainer in the network marketing industry.

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