Do You Pull Up Your Own Socks?

I caught a special on CNN the other night about heroes. The show was full of many different examples…men, woman and even showcased animals that have done extraordinary things.

There was one hero that specifically struck a chord with me. His name is Thulani Madondo, he is a native of South Africa and founder of the Kliptown Youth Program. He personally started this program to help his impoverished home town which is stricken by many afflictions that have kept the cycle of misfortune.

The focus is on schooling, training and teaching the youth that there is a better way. Mr. Madondo said something that resonated with me. He said we must learn to pull up our own socks. The most important lesson he provides to the young people of Kliptown is that they must control their own destiny.

Dominick Zirilli

It’s OK for somebody to show you how to do things but ultimately you have to stand on your own two feet and produce results. How is your business going? Are you taking control of your future or do you just hope for the best? If you start to pull up your own socks…you will be able to accomplish anything.


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  1. Excellent post Dominick! What a great story of what this man is doing for the youth. It’s so true that you have to take personal responsibility whether in life or business. To have success, it’s up to us! Pull up your own socks! Love it! Thanks for sharing Buddy! 🙂

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