Promotions vs Campaigns

What’s The Difference Between¬† a Promotion and a Campaign?

I get this question a lot from people who are starting out as a new business owner. If you have made the choice to be an entrepreneur and more specifically a network marketer you have been thrown into many aspects of building a business that you have never been exposed too. So here is a brief description of both and which I feel is better.


This is basically a single action that will help get the word out and hopefully generate sales or subscribers for a product, site or opportunity. The ultimate goal is the people seeing this promotion to take  specific action. Remember you are looking for a result and often it is time sensitive. A promotion is often powerful and quick hitting and can be a paid or free strategy.


Think about what these wonderful politicians are doing. They are using a bunch of small promotions to generate interest, build familiarity and ultimately win the election. This includes town hall meetings, slick and slimy advertisements, citizen participation and televised debates. You’ve been exposed to campaigns forever and it is an intricate part of building a relationship.

Which One Works The Best?

You must have a campaign in place. The everyday relationship building is absolutely necessary to get people to trust you. Your blog, list interaction and training you provide are instrumental to your success. Your business is an ongoing campaign with many promotions and will be the bloodline of your business. If you broaden your campaign you will have more effective promotions.

A president was never elected from running a promotion, they put a long standing plan in place to position themselves as the leader to be. My suggestion is to put your campaign and promotions in place, build your following and develop deep rooted relationships that will benefit from your upcoming promotions.

If you want to see the system I use to create my campaigns leave your information below. It will plug you into ready made campaigns and trainings to effectively position yourself as a leader.



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