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www.mlmchef.netToday I Promoted Myself

Did You promote yourself today? I’m sure you talked about your business or your brand but I mean did you give yourself a promotion? I Did, I am officially the “President of Business Opportunity and Development” pretty cool huh. Let’s face it when you hand out you business cards you need something to grab their attention and make you look official. If it says Dominick Zirilli ¬†– Get Rich Quick Incorporated Associate or Distributor it will look like a sales pitch. My title is generic and if I have multiple primary opportunities or ever switch companies…I am safe.

Sustainable Network Marketing

I am in this business for the long haul, this card is timeless. My contact info won’t change, even if my phone number changes I’m definitely not giving up that is the beauty of promoting yourself and not your company. The title President of ¬†Business Opportunity and Development works because I am actually brokering a deal between a need “prospect” and an opportunity and the development comes in when I show my value to help implement the systems to make this venture profitable.

Team Zirilli

Dominick Zirilli . com is about what I can do for my current team and the newbies that will join me. I build and strengthen my brand everyday and I do that by keeping my name in the spotlight, following up on leads and promoting through my blog and articles. If you haven’t noticed I am a die hard Philadelphia Eagles Fan but my Jersey reads 01-Zirilli because I’ll never be traded and never quit…unlike some of the superstars of the world.

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