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Are You A Tool When It Comes To Promoting Your Business?

Just Because You Promote Your Tools Doesn’t Mean You Have To Be One!

Home businesses have many advantages and not all of them have to do with working in your pajamas. Some obvious benefits are additional income, becoming a business owner, no boss and no time clock. These are all great reasons but there is another very unique aspect to this business that can produce a great revenue stream and also be another way to establish yourself as a leader in your field.

Along your journey in network marketing you will come across offers to purchase training materials and tools that will help your business grow, look more professional and provide you ways to automate certain things to save you time. I have personally used some great products to grow my business but there also have been some duds along the way.

Just like anything else in life you can recommend these products and tools to other people and let them know the true value that you have received. People have been referring services and products since the beginning of time but in network marketing there is often a reward for your referral. If a product has an affiliate commission associated with it, you can introduce it to your team or even promote it on it’s own. You will get paid for every product that is bought through you.

If you are trying to establish yourself as a leader in this industry, it would be advised that you are selective of what you tie your name to. Don’t make false claims and lie about results you have achieved…your reputation can take years to build but minutes to destroy. Don’t be a tool and spam the world. The best way to promote something is to use it and show others how it benefits you and your business.

The idea that you can purchase tools to grow your business and if you like it tell others and get paid for it is very unique. I don’t think that a mechanic will get paid to tell you how great his wrench is. A chef does not get commissions for recommending his favorite German knife. A network marketer can make a lot of money just by telling people to buy a product….that is a great way to earn while you learn.

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  1. Hey Dominick,

    I found your post on TribePro. I’m glad you took the time to share it.

    I agree on making the false claims. You see so many income, traffic, or lead claims and you have to ask yourself, “Are they really all true?”. That’s when people should be smart and check out more about the person/company being promoted.

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