Pressure Induced Success

Pressure Induced Success

Today I read a story about a 22 year old woman who found her father pinned beneath his BMW 525i. The man was alive but time was of the essence. His distraught daughter was looking tragedy in the face and she needed to take immediate action.

Her instincts took over and she did not look for her cell phone or run door to door in hopes of finding cape wielding, letter wearing super hero to help her dad. Lauren Kornacki placed her body between the ground and the mid sized vehicle and got it off the ground enough to pull her father form the crushing weight. This is a prime example of a pressure induced success.Pressure Induced Success

Pressure Induced Success and Entrepreneurial Endorphins

Under normal circumstances an average woman would not be able lift thousands of pounds of steel but when faced with an unacceptable alternative she accomplished the unthinkable.This is not an isolated case of super human strength. It is well documented that adrenaline and endorphins prime the body to handle difficult challenges.

As a matter of fact, pressure induced success is not limited to feats of strength. It is common for people to need a push to be successful. Deadlines, time-clocks and report cards are all instruments that have been used by society to kick us in the pants and more importantly make us feel dependent upon traditional methods of sociological living.

“Home Business” Pressure Induced Success

How does a home business owner thrive without man-made methods of motivation? Some people just have an inner drive that won’t allow them to quit. This is not the case for everybody…sometimes it takes drastic situations and circumstances to flip the switch from desperate to triumphant.

Here are two examples of people who took a bad situation and created their own pressure induced success:

  • Ray Higdon – He is recognized as one of the top leaders in Network Marketing, has a busier blog than most teen idols and is the top earner in his company. What isn’t always talked about is the many failed businesses he was a part of, how he chased away friends and family and was on the verge of Bankruptcy. Check out his blog here….
  • Rob Fore – Rob is known for SEO and getting found in search engines but in 1990 you were more likely to find him on the streets. He lost his money and almost his family but through his desire to succeed and provide, he became self sufficient once again. Life threw him another curveball almost decade later. CANCER. The doctors laid out a grim path for Rob and Mr. Fore had to think about his family’s finances if he were no longer able to provide for them. It was from this point on he would have automated income regardless of his ability to work. Learn more about Rob here

Both of these stories are examples of pressure induced success. In each instance there was a point that the consequences (pain) became too great to let failure be an option.

Leave a comment below if you have ever experienced pressure induced success and how it effected your outlook on your business.

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  1. Hi Dom,

    I was down to 4 cents. Lost 40 pounds because I lived off 50 cent, tiny bags of peanuts for weeks. Really, I am only traveling the world for the past 15 months, living 3 months in Bali, 4 in Phuket, and soaking up the most sought after places on earth, because I went through this resistance. Love this stuff 😉

    Ray and Rob faced their nightmares and came out on top. They had no choice but to succeed. Hill talks about cutting all sources of retreat in Think and Grow Rich. Forget exit plans. Forget failure. Give yourself no other options and you win.

    Thanks Dom!


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