The Day After

Power Ball Is Over…Now What?

The morning after the 2nd largest potential lottery jackpot in U.S. history is upon us and you either fall into on of two categories:

  1. A life drastically changed because you have a piece of paper with 6 numbers that match the same 6 numbers that are printed on ping pong balls.
  2. Your routine is unscathed by the hysteria that took over workplaces from Coast to Coast because you either didn’t have the winning numbers or you just never played the lottery in the first place.

If you did take home a piece of the jackpot, congratulations the winnings of your new found fortune and also your drastically increased number of friends, family and admirers that will now crowbar their way into your life.

If you aren’t the owner of the winning ticket…it’s ok, life really hasn’t gotten any better or worse, it’s just back to business.

Increase Your Odds

I don’t have a way to pick future winning numbers for you and I don’t know much about beating the dealer at the casino either. I luckily never got caught up in games of chance chose to be involved with things where I can control the outcome.

Getting in shape, learning to be a chef, courting that woman who would one day be my wife or teaching my children to be the best that they can be were things that I consistently and consciously worked at. These are not things I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best outcome. I contributed daily, modified my approach and always strive to achieve better results and get closer to my goals.

Are You Winning?

Your success in business is not gauged by being the most recognized figure in your organization or even being at the top of the leader boards. It really is based on your personal growth, how much you have learned from your mistakes and the ability to adapt your game plan to get a new result.

Would you rather wager on ping pong balls and poker chips or bet on a proven winner….YOU? Why not get started with a proven system, it doesn’t have to be mine or one of those well known guru’s. Just find something that you are comfortable with and give it 100% effort and be consistent with it.

Let me know what I can do to help and leave a comment below and share your thoughts. Most importantly contribute to your own lottery by getting busy and being consistent.

Have Your Best Day,






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