Potty Trips

Can The Potty Be Used To Grow Your Marketing Reach?

network marketing pottyI stopped by one of my favorite coffee shoppes today to grab a cup of Joe and jump on their internet quickly to take care of a couple things. Before I induced anymore liquid I had to take a trip to the little boys room. I opened the door and there was a father wrangling his two boys making sure they were “hitting the bowl”.

I gracefully excused myself and waited outside the door till the festivities were over. There was 10 minutes of giggling and flushing and a ton of electric hand dryer starts and stops….how many hands do these kids have?

The father exited with the kids who were cracking up, the dad just looked at me and said I’m sorry. I laughed and mentioned that I had 3 kids of my own and 2 of them were girls…..he saw that I understood.

coffee cup conversation

I grabbed my coffee and oatmeal and sat down to get some work done and get on my way. I heard a familiar voice ask me how I handled the “potty trips” when I had my son and daughters with me. I mentioned that luckily my oldest daughter was big enough to help out but when I had my two little ones out it was much more difficult.

My tactic was the same as his….wait till the men’s room was empty, barricade ourselves in and let them handle business one at a time.

 Looks Can Be Deceiving

We talked a little and formally introduced ourselves he said he was new at being a stay-at-home dad. “Congratulations, how exciting” I said to my new pal Bill. He told me it wasn’t by design….he was just recently laid off. I apologized and felt a little embarrassed that I assumed he achieved his goal of being home with his boys.

I went back to what I was doing but couldn’t stop feeling uncomfortable about the situation. This guy looked like he had the world by the nuggets. He had happy, healthy kids having a great time on a weekday afternoon but unfortunately on the inside he was carrying the burden of knowing that his income had suddenly come to a halt.

Obligated To Share

I knew that I needed to share what has become such an integral part of my life and will eventually make me an intentional stay at home father. Network Marketing.

I am a proponent of Attraction Marketing and chasing friends and family members is something that is not in my wheel-house. I am however a compassionate man who wanted to give Bill an option when life has given him an ultimatum.

I told him I was actually making a sale as we speak and let him look at my laptop. I wasn’t showing him a comp plan, a product or the next best company. I was just sharing with him how I make consistent sales using a site that most people have used and everybody has heard of.

I didn’t want to introduce him to MLM right now, I just wanted to let him see that he could utilize a brand recognized worldwide to make money online. I decided to offer to train Bill to generate income using this site without investing his own money.

Somebody taught me, I’ll teach Bill and he’ll teach somebody else. Ultimately we’ll build our list of people who’ll remember us as the ones¬† responsible for finally putting money in their pockets and skills in their arsenal. It’s likely that if he jumps in and stays consistent he will want to join me in my primary business.getpaidtoauction.com

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