Pinterest Isn’t Fancy Enough For Apple

I came across a cool story about Apple and one of the hottest sites going today….Pinterest. I’ll admit I don’t know a whole lot about Pinterest, I actually just started “pinning” things recently. If it weren’t for the business value I probably wouldn’t bother with it although I love looking at the pictures of food. I do however understand that Pinterest’s popularity is a good way to expand my businesses reach.

I read the the  computer and digital media giant Apple was interested in possibly purchasing Pinterest’s little competitive brother….The Fancy. I of course didn’t know much about The Fancy either so I decided to take a look.

The Fancy looks very similar to Pinterest in that people take pictures of items or things that they like and share them with others on the web. Where the similarities end is that Fancy is built with commerce in mind. You can buy, sell or recommend items from The Fancy directly and even earn referral credits by sharing this fairly new platform.

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I would not get overly excited but the brass behind this idea have quite a respectable pedigree. People from the early years of Twitter and Facebook are involved with this relatively young Pinterest competitor. The real value in Fancy is that transactions can by executed without ever leaving the site and this excites Apple.

This would be just another way to monetize the over 400 million Apple users who have their credit cards on file. If Tim Cook from Apple is interested in, don’t you think it’s worth taking a look at? Imagine what this could do for your business.More Reading

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If you would like to see the original article…….read more at Apple Wants To Buy Pinterest Rival, The Fancy – Business Insider

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