Network Marketing For Whimps

First time here? Do you have too many leads? If so that’s awesome….if not check out this proven system that has helped me generate Leads On Demand Click Here For Leads. Thanks for visiting!Here’s A Way For The Common Sissy To Have Network Marketing Success. If you ask 10 different Network Marketers the best approachContinue Reading

Did Your Network Marketing Company Sponsor A Fishing Trip?

Numis Network Sponsored A Wild Fishing Trip I’m not sure if everybody was invited so if you weren’t I’m sure that Chris and Ian will include you in the next one. I hope David Wood isn’t upset that he wasn’t included, besides he has Costa Rica so I’m sure New Jersey wasn’t on his radar.Continue Reading

Create A WordPress Header Video

Create A WordPress Header Video I made 3 videos that will show you how to make a header for your wordpress blog. If you aren’t a programming genius then this is for you. I make it as simple and easy to duplicate so you can teach others to do the same. Enjoy and leave feedback.Continue Reading

10 Things I Miss About Having A “Regular” JOB

Here are just 10 things I miss about working at a regular JOB….might want to make you rethink getting into network marketing Brown Nosers – yes they know who they are. The ones who checked their self esteem at the door just for a chance to be as miserable as their boss one day. InContinue Reading

One Man’s Spam is Another Man’s Treasure

Go Green—–Recycle Spam! Network marketing is about mindset, turning a positive into a negative, finding nuggets and getting value out of anything you can. I’m not a trash picker but I love to look through trash and try to make it shine. At least when it comes to spam and I’m not just talking aboutContinue Reading

Visalus Review

What is Visalus? Visalus is a nutrition company that is part of the MLM or direct selling industry and offers independent distributors an opportunity to earn money for promoting their product. Visalus was started in 2005 and joined forces with Blythe in 2008 which currently owns a controlling 57.5% of the company. They offer protein,Continue Reading

Basic Word Press Blog Set Up

5 Part Word Press Blog Set Up Videos I kept it simple…just the basics here, of course if there are more advanced things you would like to see just leave a response below and I’ll do it. Part 1 Video: Tutorial of self hosted vs. WordPress hosted blogs, explaination of purchasing domain and hosting companiesContinue Reading

Network Marketing It’s All A Show

In Network Marketing It’s Not Who You Know But Who You Show! There is an old saying in the business world that it is not who you know but it’s who you … (I’ll let you fill in the blanks). When I was introduced to network marketing I started to think that the same thingContinue Reading

Independence Day Or Independent Life?

This 4th of July Holiday is brought to you by the brave men and women who have kept us Independent. We may have broken free hundreds of years ago but the definition of independence is the freedom from the control, influence, support, aid, or the like, of others. So thank you to all of thoseContinue Reading

Create the Easiest Post Ever

I Saw This And Figured Since It Was Social Media Day….I was Going To Take It Easy. Plus it is pretty cool…Thanks Guy Kawasaki 🙂   Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook share via Reddit Share with Stumblers Tweet about it Subscribe to the comments on this post