Are you the Kim Kardashian of Network Marketing?

First time here? Do you have too many leads? If so that’s awesome….if not check out this proven system that has helped me generate Leads On Demand Click Here For Leads. Thanks for visiting!Talk About Shiny New Objects Hey network marketers today Hollywood was rocked when it was confirmed that Kim Kardashian and longtime (byContinue Reading

Would Steve Jobs Succeed In Network Marketing

Would Steve Jobs Succeed In Network Marketing? One could only assume that Steve Jobs would be a success in network marketing but unfortunately his approach to business probably won’t work for a newbie to the industry. Steve Jobs built his career on innovation, forward thinking, systems and vision which all bode well for a networkContinue Reading

Is Your Home Business in 3D Like Top Gun?

Top Gun and Your Home Business Both In 3D The movie Top Gun is going 3D, this might not matter to you because you hated the movie (impossible) or you aren’t old enough to remember it. When I heard this I was pumped, I am an old school fool who still won’t watch the KarateContinue Reading

Numis Network Is for Dummies

Numis Network is For Dummies I am a member of Numis Network which is touted as something unique, refreshing and without competition and these are some of the reasons that have led me to believe that this is a home business for dummies… the video below to see what I mean.        Continue Reading

When Does A Student Become A Teacher

If You’ve Learned Anything Then You Can Be A Teacher The traditional way we are programmed to learn and enter the work force as a leader is completely opposite of the mindset you need to have as a successful network marketer. We go to school as students, take on apprenticeships as students and start aContinue Reading

Promotions vs Campaigns

What’s The Difference Between  a Promotion and a Campaign? I get this question a lot from people who are starting out as a new business owner. If you have made the choice to be an entrepreneur and more specifically a network marketer you have been thrown into many aspects of building a business that youContinue Reading

Protected: 10 Steps To Time Clock Freedom

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How To Post Craiglist Image Ads

How To Post Craigslist Image Ads Craigslist is a great way to generate leads but can also be very frustrating. The crazy ghosting that goes on is usually attributed to overposting the same content and your competition having you flagged. Craigslist is smart and will look for duplicate content but it does not have theContinue Reading

5 Things That Suck About Working From Home

5 Things That Suck About Working From Home I know that all of you gurus out there want to act like being involved in a home based business is glamorous, stress free and the ultimate dream. I am ashamed that you so called leaders don’t have the stones to be honest, transparent and truthful withContinue Reading

Congress Raises Debt Ceiling…Numis Raises Income Ceiling

We’re Having A Screw the Debt Ceiling Party You’re invited to a screw the debt ceiling party tonight. Congress is worrying about raising the amount of money that we can owe? How about focusing on the amount of money we can make? How about collecting assets that the bank is not charging interest on? HowContinue Reading