Christmas List Story

First time here? Do you have too many leads? If so that’s awesome….if not check out this proven system that has helped me generate Leads On Demand Click Here For Leads. Thanks for visiting!What Does Your Christmas List Tell You? I wanted to wish everybody a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday Season. I hope thatContinue Reading

Do You Pull Up Your Own Socks?

I caught a special on CNN the other night about heroes. The show was full of many different examples…men, woman and even showcased animals that have done extraordinary things. There was one hero that specifically struck a chord with me. His name is Thulani Madondo, he is a native of South Africa and founder ofContinue Reading

Guest Blogging

Make Sure You Use Proper Netiquette Looking for additional ways to get traffic, followers and exposure? How about being a guest blogger? Unlike an ad swap or JV partnership, you don’t ever have to be ashamed of the size of your list. If you can write some content that is genuine, not spammy and informative…youContinue Reading

The Day After

Power Ball Is Over…Now What? The morning after the 2nd largest potential lottery jackpot in U.S. history is upon us and you either fall into on of two categories: A life drastically changed because you have a piece of paper with 6 numbers that match the same 6 numbers that are printed on ping pongContinue Reading

TeamViewer Review

It can be difficult enough to earn somebody’s trust in person let alone over the internet. I have done a review of a free tool that will personalize your online efforts and help you train your team as well. is a free, web based platform that allows you to share your screen with anybodyContinue Reading

Speak Like A TV Star

Having trouble remembering your lines when speaking into the camera for your video shoots? Do what the news anchors and sitcom starts do….use a teleprompter. You don’t need to have a pro studio…just a camera and computer. It won’t make you look like Brad Pitt but can help you be confident and concise…..but remember youContinue Reading

Anymeeting – Free Online Meeting Software Review

Need A Free Webinar Platform? Online meetings or webinars as they are often referred to are a key aspect to home businesses and large corporations alike. What if you don’t have the budget of a Mega Guru but want to look professional, I have reviewed Anymeeting….an strong platform that offers a free option. Is itContinue Reading

Free Video Email

Have you always wanted to get into the video email scene but were short on cash? Maybe you weren’t ready to join a video email company that was part of mlm. I have reviewed a free video email system that is easy to use with all of the basic features included to effectively run aContinue Reading

Transformers…Entrepreneurs in Disguise

Are You A Transformer? You’ve seen body, blog and business challenges that are focused on creating changes in your results. The main goal is to create a successful outcome. It is a great motivational tool and your results end up being your best asset. Well what do you do if you just started that “challenge”?Continue Reading

Create a Need or Fill a Need?

Life Is All About Supply and Demand   The part we play in this world changes by the day, the hour and by the minute. Try and focus on the people that are around you and the ones who you will eventually come into contact with.   Now where do you fit into the bigContinue Reading