Make Yourself Clear

First time here? Do you have too many leads? If so that’s awesome….if not check out this proven system that has helped me generate Leads On Demand Click Here For Leads. Thanks for visiting!Have you ever heard people say do I make myself clear? Maybe you have said that to many people with the intentContinue Reading

A Roman Emperor, A Pharaoh and a Pirate walk into a Bar.

Why has precious metals been so important to so many different cultures throughout all of history?Continue Reading

Do You Network Inline As Well As Online?

Almost everybody is online at some point during the day but with the holidays here there as even more people in lineContinue Reading

Overcome Your Fears And Your Business Will Explode

Overcome Your Network Marketing Fears and Watch Your Business ExplodeContinue Reading

I’m A Competitor But I Hate Competition

If you love direct selling but feel that you and your product have too much competition I will give you information on how to set your brand apart and offer a product that has NO COMPETITION.Continue Reading

Are You Ringing When You Should Be Knocking?

Network Marketing Is Hands On Did you ever go to somebody’s house and keep pushing the doorbell, getting frustrated that nobody is answering only to find out that it was broken and a simple knock would have gotten you inside? How about wondering why your phone never rang and when your husband comes home he asks “I’veContinue Reading

Your Network Marketing Bloodline

I latched on to the top earner in my company and we had a relationship before we ever talked business. He planted the sustainable network marketing seeds with me.Continue Reading

New Year’s Resolution With Numis Network

Numis Network will give you an opportunity to fulfill multiple new year’s resolutions in one shot. Continue Reading

Promote Yourself

Did You promote yourself today? I’m sure you talked about your business or your brand but I mean did you give yourself a promotion? Continue Reading

How Do You Build Your Team?

It’s More Than Pushing Product If you haven’t learned from me and the hundreds of other leaders that are promoting the right way, make yourself valuable to your downline before you even have one. Give value through your blog, answering questions in forums and offering help wherever you can. If you can be there forContinue Reading