Is Unemployment Picking On Our Kids

If you thought unemployment was picking on you, you’re wrong it loves the young and the old. MLM business is an opportunity to protect yourself from unemployment.Continue Reading

5 Ways An MLM Business Is Like High School Dating

5 Ways an MLM Business is Like Dating In High SchoolContinue Reading

Is Your MLM Compensation Having Constipation?

All MLM Compensation Plans are not created equalContinue Reading

Your Success Is Not Mandatory…What Do I Care

There are no laws that say you have to find your calling in life, that you have to be satisfied with the results you obtain. All you have to do is stay within the legal system, don’t interfere with others getting what they want out of their time on this planet and shower daily…the last one is just a request from me.Continue Reading

Numis Network – Heads I Win ~ Tails I Win

Heads I Win ~ Tails I Win. There is no loser in Numis Network…unless you aren’t doing it.Continue Reading

Life’s A Pitch and Then You Sell

First time here? Do you have too many leads? If so that’s awesome….if not check out this proven system that has helped me generate Leads On Demand Click Here For Leads. Thanks for visiting!Network Marketing Is Genetic Have you ever thought that sales isn’t for you and only the ruthless, pushy guys with the notContinue Reading

Leave Your Failure Behind

Keep Your Failures Behind You It doesn’t matter what you like to do in life, what you consider yourself good at or what level of expertise you have. The fact is that you have failed at some point along the way and more importantly because of your failures you are better today then you wereContinue Reading

Benefits Of An MLM Blog

There are many benefits to constructing an MLM Blog and using that as a platform to convey your message. The modern blog evolved from people keeping an online diary of their everyday life experiences. I remember Doogie Howser M.D., a popular T.V. Show in the early 90’s, he would record his daily trials and tribulationsContinue Reading

Recession Concessions

Did You Make Any Recession Concessions? With many mixed messages on the current state of the economy I always look to see what the next great prediction will be. I read in a business journal that the economy shows signs of growth or at least the American people are starting to spend more money. That sounds greatContinue Reading

Network Marketing Why

Find Continue Reading