Origami Owl Review

Origami Owl Review

I’m doing this Origami Owl Review for two reasons. The first is that I like to provide people that follow me a way to sift through different opportunities out there and see what fits best for them. I train many people whether they are interested in my business or not.

The second reason is because I like to be educated about what is going on in the home business arena and Origami Owl keeps popping up in all different places. In order to get you the most pertinent information to you and make this an effective review of Origami Owl, I want to give you the who, what and why’s of the company.

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Who Started Origami Owl?

This is one of the more intriguing stories to come down the network marketing pike. The company was founded by a 14 year old girl who really only wanted to earn enough money to buy a car by the time she was 16. Within a couple of years she was able to make this into a thriving successful business model that is both unique and on the surface sustainable.

What Is Origami Owl?

We talked about who started it but just as important is what exactly is this fledgling company? Origami Owl’s core products are unique and vastly assorted jewelry pieces. They range from charms, chains, lockets and dangles but what really caught my eye was the variety of pieces they had. Many were based on the traditional themes such as holidays and animals but there were also a large variety that focused on causes.

I saw cancer awareness, troop support and “HOPE FOR NEWTOWN” just to name a few. You could easily put together 100’s if not 1,000’s of combinations. It’s pretty cool to offer different things to different people….I would be pretty stoked to get a few of these trinkets from my little girl. Sounds to me like Christmas, Birthdays and Anniversaries are covered here.

Why Origami Owl?

I have to start off by saying that I am not in this company. I do have a good friend who got involved a few months ago and if you want her information….just ask and I will forward it to you. She has had great success using traditional methods as well as the internet to market this business.

Origami Owl like any other direct selling or MLM business is based on presenting the products and the company to people. You want to be able to have quantities of sales (just like any traditional business) and hopefully get others interested in trying to sell these products as well.

You get rewarded for the products you sell, the people that join your origami owl business and also for the amount of goods that they sell. This business model works well for people who like to help others succeed. The key is to help people duplicate what you do, just like a traditional franchise but you get incentives on their profits.

Where It Falls Short

If you work the business hard and love to have people over the house or at a venue where you can show off these origami owl products…you will have success. The tough part is that not everybody likes hounding people in the hopes that they will find people who are looking to start a new business. If you reached out to every friend, family member and associate that you knew and even got a few to show interest….you would be ahead of many others.

What happens after you have exhausted all of those contacts…they’ve said no and you are out of people to talk to? Do you just ask them again? How would you react to somebody who keeps presenting the same opportunity to you after numerous NO’S? Most likely you will try to avoid them or sigh every time you know they are going to be in your social circles.

No people to talk to…the business stops growing.

The Solution

If you could have people look for you and your business…wouldn’t that make life a bit more enjoyable. Let’s say somebody heard about origami owl and was looking for a leader to join in that business. Are you the person that they would come across once they started searching the internet?

If not, YOU ARE MISSING OUT! Don’t let somebody else have the qualified, ready to join leads chasing them while you are wasting time with Uncle Teddy who won’t even take your calls anymore. Learn to be a leader, get found by the people who are looking to join your business before somebody else does.

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