Online Video Hosting

Online Video Hosting Options

Are using video as part of your marketing, training, information or branding efforts?

If so I have made a video listing both free and inexpensive services and why you should be using both. If you aren’t then you better get with the program because everybody who is successful is taking advantage of video.

YouTube is great for driving traffic and leveraging the loyal followers there, let’s face it many people use them before Google to get  information. Just know that you don’t own that content and if they want to shut you down…they can and will. It is also available for everybody to see so if you want to offer a premium, paid training….this isn’t always best option.

My Lead System Pro – Click Here To See More

This is a marketing training platform that has been tops in the business for years, if you have found me online its because of what I’ve learned here. They offer many things but a really valuable option is their video hosting that is secure and fast. Click the link above to see more.

Vimeo – Free and Paid – Click Here

Vimeo is a great option and you can password secure your videos or share them with the world.


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