OMG! A Feline Fur Coat?

OMG! A Feline Fur Coat?

Did you think I would wear a coat made out of one of these furry little companions?skin this cat

I’m waiting….of course not! What I’m referring to is the old saying that there is more than one way to skin a cat. I’m not exactly sure how that saying was invented but the concept is something that we have used as a reference for ages.

You can follow different paths to get the same results or similar results. How does this apply to your life? It’s simple, many people get married but their story of how they met their significant others can vary greatly. I know people who have lost considerable amounts of weight and they don’t neccesarily follow the same regimen.

Look at your approach to working from home. If you aren’t comfortable with chasing friends and family or having parties at your home then DON’T. You heard me right, just because it worked for your upline doesn’t mean that’s what is going to work for you.

Everybody’s demeanor and circumstances are different. Now before you call the Home Biz Police and rat me out…I’m not saying you don’t have to talk to people, network or build relationships. I’m just telling you to be yourself and do what you are good at and improve upon your weak areas.

I will be honest…on paper I failed in 3 companies. I say on paper because eventhough I did not make any substantial money, I worked with some great leaders, learned valuable lessons and found my strengths while still expanding my comfort zone.

I hope that you are finding success…even if it is through your failures. Look at what you are doing and see if the results are tied to your efforts. Most of the time they are, if you work hard enough on the right activities you will have success. It takes hard work and a growing skill set to achieve what you want.

I have taken the majority of my business online. I continue to look for ways to grow offline and I realize that the more comfortable I get with these activities…the more oportunities become available.

If you aren’t seeing the results you want but know that you have the desire to be better, take a look at the system I use to generate leads and position myself as a leader. It wasn’t by accident that I started to get results…it was on purpose.

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