Numis Network The MLM of Forgiveness

Numis Network Offers A Second Chance

Numis Network is a home based business opportunity that has been on fire the past couple of years. They combine the traditional network marketing philosophy with a progressive mlm compensation plan.

Numis Network Provides an Option

The network marketing industry has been a haven for victims of this down economy and if you have a small amount of money and a lot of desire to invest you might never have to punch a time clock ever again.

Numis Network has brought a refreshing but very old product to an industry that has gained popularity. People are no longer waiting for their government to provide relief and the ingenuity of generations past have started to resurface. The product is museum quality gold and silver coins and is the only mlm opportunity that pays you to collect an asset….a double bonus.

While many companies are scaling back they have increased their mlm compensation plans and bonus opportunities consistently during their short but fruitful existence.

Forgive Me Numis Network For I Have Sinned

The Silver Eagle Bonus Pool was a contest they ran over the summer that allowed New and Existing Reps to be part of a profit sharing incentive within the company. All you had to do was sign up 2 Executive Level reps within the time period you would be eligible to receive a piece of the profits from the Fast Track Collector’s Kits sold during that time.

That promotion has come and gone but Numis Network was feeling generous and decided to give another chance to get in on the action. At Numis University they unveiled plans to offer the Silver Eagle Bonus Pool for an encore.

All the Numis Network reps that did not qualify the first time have another crack at this. So pay have 30 days to become Silver Eagle qualified starting…..NOW!

Silver Eagle Bonus For Newbies

Numis Network is rookie friendly. Sign up two Executives in your first 7 days with the company and you can double your profit earnings by receiving 2 shares instead of one. This is huge and gives your sponsor the incentive to help you grab those first two quickly.

If this wasn’t enough….take a deep breath because Numis has just launched in the UK starting November, 1 2011 so you have a whole new country to explore. If you are feeling like a modern Ponce de Leon and want to take advantage of Numis Networks generosity click the link below and get the information you need to get started.

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