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What Is Numis Network

Numis Network is a company that is in the business of selling graded, collectible gold and silver coins. Numis Network is based out of Florida and offers people the opportunity to purchase coins and also earn unlimited income promoting and selling these coveted precious metals. Numis Network is also associated with Mike Mezak who is probably the most well recognized gold and silver collectible coin figure head.

Who cares about Gold and Silver Collectible Coins and Numis Network?

Coin collecting is a favorite past time that is enjoyed by millions of people worldwide of all ages. People collect coins as a hobby, because of their beauty as well as the potential for financial appreciation. Numis Network sells coins for collecting purposes but many people collect them as investments similar to the way people collect cars and baseball cards.

Coin collecting is a hobby that that is extremely popular today but has been traced back to ancient times. It was dubbed the hobby of kings because of the royalty who took part in hoarding these rare and valuable collectible coins. Gold and silver have always been treasured and throughout history has been symbolic of status and as currency by different cultures at different times.

Why The Name Numis Network?

Numis Network name is derived from Numismatics which is the study of coins and money. It is through this study of collectible coins that I found out silver was as treasured as gold up until the middle kingdom and that’s when the Egyptians went gaga for gold.¬†The Roman Empire utilized gold for large purchases while silver was used for the more common, daily transactions. When the Romans were big shots on campus gold and silver were in abundance but towards the fall of the empire the supplies were much lower.

Spain got into the action as they started to explore new territories and uncovered more sources for gold and silver. They would load the boats with these beautiful precious metals and the ever entrepreneurial pirates would target these ships and make off with the booty. This is another example of a transfer of wealth which is a common theme throughout history.

Numis Network may not be shipping boat fulls of this stuff from ancient civilizations but it does in fact play a big roll in a the huge modern day industry of gold and silver collectible coins. Numis Network has an extensive variety of coins that they feature on their website. They also offer their Independent Collector Representatives the ability to achieve very generous bonuses and they also are able to purchase coins at a very favorable rate which will increase their income earning potential.

Numis Network is the perfect storm for a Network Marketing opportunity, they have a product that you could never have enough of and does not expire, a great compensation plan, a young business that is just getting ready to hit momentum. Numis Network has ZERO competition. I defy somebody to find another Home Based business that can make that claim.

In closing, Numis Network is a key player in the transfer of wealth that we call coin collecting and gives it’s representative a way to participate in a thriving business that has never been touched by the Network Marketing Business model.

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