New Years Re-Solution.

New Year = New You

Hope everybody had a wonderful Christmas and geared up for your New Year’s Celebration (who doesn’t love a party right). I’m sure everybody has their list of resolutions ready for the upcoming year and I bet some of your lists look almost identical to last years list. Einstein said that Insanity was doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results so having that yearly repetitive list seems a little crazy doesn’t it. It’s great that the tradition of a New Year motivates so many people to start creating a “new you” but where do so many of us fall by the wayside?

Make A List

In network marketing they say the money is in your list but in life this rings true too. If you could look back and see where we quit being motivated and got side tracked from success we would be able to break the pattern and give ourselves a fighting chance at success this year. Get a pencil and paper and think real hard, was it the death by chocolate cake on the menu at your favorite restaurant, the new vortex bottle that your favorite beer company put out or the sexy new surgeon general’s label they put on cigarettes? It doesn’t matter what your goal was or why you failed, if you want it bad enough you can do it.

MLM Blog

The best list you could make if you want to succeed is an MLM Blog, it is a living, breathing testament that holds you accountable for your promises and goals that you set. You are more likely to follow through if you have thousands of nosey people  peeking in to see you succeed (and yes some will hope for you to fail too but that makes success even sweeter). Your MLM Blog will also get people to know you and like you (or not) and these are the people that you might be doing business with somewhere down the road…because people do business with people bot companies.

MLM Blog Is It Hard To Do?

You can do a free wordpress version but you don’t own that content and if you are going to give all you got to it would you want to have it disappear tomorrow if somebody wanted to take it down? You can utilize a self hosted wordpress blog that has plug ins that will let you change the look, feel and usefulness of your mlm blog with the push of a button. We are a community of like minded business people so look at other MLM blogs online and duplicate it with your own touches (don’t steal content), this will be the first step to success. Here is a link for the hosting company I use, you can get started for as little as $4.95 per month and this ultimately is how you build your brand. If you have any questions regarding setting up your blog or hosting it, email me

Make A New Years Solution Not Re-solution

Hold yourself accountable, build your brand and learn from people in your industry who you want to be like. Find the message that resonates with you and cling to it, learn it and integrate it into your mlm blog. 2011 will be the year that you succeed in whatever you wish for. Believe in yourself because I believe in you too. Happy New Year 🙂

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