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I realize that everything you do in life is relative to everything else. We are creatures of habit and we can either create new patterns or follow our old ones. There is no right or wrong answer here, if you have good practices then stick with them but if you do things that are detrimental to your growth and success you will need to address them if you want to move ahead.

I have been going to the gym on and off for most of my post-pubescent life. Like most people who work out I have highs and lows, some days I’m really motivated and sometimes I fall short. Its human nature but I would usually have a partner or trainer to help push me to my limits. My partner can visualize me hitting a goal that I never would imagine myself reaching.

Having a leader or mentor is important in your network marketing training as well. More importantly having the RIGHT mentor for your success is huge.

When I chose my personal trainer, I looked for somebody who had results similar to what I was looking for. Let’s face it for me the name of the game for me was to lose some fat but I wanted to put on some muscle too. There was a “heavy” trainer who drank lots of energy drinks that kept trying to have me hire him. If I already look better than him….what can he do for me?

When I look for people to work with in my home business, I try to find people who have a similar style to the one I have or somebody who I can partner up with to balance out my weaknesses. Remember that fat trainer that I didn’t want to look like? I am not going to pattern my business after somebody who doesn’t have the results I want….period.

When I started my network marketing career, I focused on content and wanted to find other people who were doing the same thing. Look at my mlm blog; I am not a web designer or a Photoshop expert. I try to keep my SEO tighter then my invisible six pack abdominal muscles but it’s not my main focus. I just want to be that “personal trainer” that other say….that’s what I want to duplicate. Nothing more and nothing less just build a team of people who have similar goals and interests as me.

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3 Responses to Network Marketing Workout

  1. Dominick, what a great analogy! And the message too: find someone who’s achieving the results you want…and go learn from him! Sounds simple enough and makes sense.

    To your success!

  2. Hi Dominick,

    Hey, I have an invisible six pack too! lol! It really does help to be involved with someone that has the same type of goals. That way you will be more likely to succeed.

    • Dominick says:

      Thanks Steven,

      I swear that 6 pack is there haha!…I look at it like you can either associate with people who will bring you up or people who will bring you down.
      The choice really isn’t that difficult. Thanks For coming by.

      Have A successful Day,


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